Welcome To Newport Heights Manor

We are happy that you have come to visit our website. We are also very proud to introduce you to our assisted living home and the passion we have to serve seniors and their families who desire care in a beautiful Orange County community.

Our website is chock full of information. You can learn about:

We provide all this information to help you develop a feel for the pleasant home life of our residents and the exceptional care our staff provides. And we want to encourage you to call us at (714) 227-6557 to discuss how we can help you with your care needs.

We Have Lots To Share

  • You will find photos and video/audio clips that demonstrate our passion for caring, our attention to detail and our love of seniors. (Just click on the arrow/photo to the upper right for a sample.)
  • We share our experience and expertise in senior care through Caregiver Tips.
  • Our Activity Scrapbook is updated on a regular basis, adding what recently happened during activities, daily life and special events. (See the box to the left.)

Our Goal Is To Help You

During this website visit, we want to help you understand the benefits of assisted living and residential care, along with what is entailed in providing exceptional care for seniors with limitations and disabilities. In addition, we want to assist in the process of making, what for many, is a very difficult decision. We do this by filling the role of a facilitator and counselor - providing knowledge, experience and expertise.

Viewing and listening to our website starts this process. The next step is for you to come by and visit, meet our remarkable staff and ask the specific questions that are on your mind.

Thank You For Visiting